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Monday, May 4, 2009

Recycle those yougurt cups!

First you have to eat the yogurt. Yeah I said eat the yogurt. It's super healthy for you and kids love it! My friend Chastity likes it frozen and if you have some that's about to go bad add it to your pancakes, rolls, cake batter, or just use it in a smoothie. After getting rid of the stuff, you will be left with the cutest little cup. Now this drives my husband nuts but I wash them and save them and warn him to not throw them away.(I think he does every chance he gets) Anyhoo, now the list.
1. Use as cups! Duh, right.
2. Start flower or veggie seeds in them.
3. Transplant plants to give away.
4. Use as take along cups for picnics they fit great down in a small cooler.
5. Use for the kids to drink out of in the yard.
6. Use to make Popsicles.
7. Use for single serve jello or pudding
8. Perfect for little hands, I give Miss Priss her goldfish crackers in them.
9. Use as a scoop in pet food bags, flour canister, or sugar canister.
10. Use in bathroom as a rinse cup.
11. Let kids play with them in the tub or kiddie pool.
12. Let kids use them for stacking.
13. My mom keeps on in her car with a lid for loose change.
14. That's all I can think of right now I just didn't want to end on the number 13.

Well that's all folks, if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave em here.


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