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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What to do about Christmas?

After just trying for fifteen minutes straight to download a picture of my big boy sledding down a hill I hate to inform you all it ain't gonna happen. Sorry because I know on a beautiful 76 degree november day you want to be reminded of what is to come.(hopefully, I mean who doesn't love to sled?) Well anyway I wanted to ask you a question what are you going to do about christmas? We have 3 small kids and I just want to let you in on a little secret. Kids get waaaayyyy to much stuff. We buy each child a gift, santa brings each one a gift, and they get their stockings stuffed. When they get up they can go straight for the stockings but they must wait for mommy and daddy to sit down with coffea and then each person takes a turn opening a gift. It builds excitement! We have fun just talking and taking guesses at what's inside the wrapping paper. Then the kids have about an hour or two to play with the new gift and get dressed. Then we go to my parents where it starts to get wild, then on to my inlaws where the party is happening. They rack up so much stuff that it take me all day to get everything out of boxes and put away. We haven't charged anything for Christmas in two years and we won't this year. I think it's more important to be with your family and have fun than go broke on stuff that you don't really need or can't afford. I think the kids have just as much fun at home with only 1-2 new toys as they do anywhere else. I am all about getting back to the meaning of the season not the rush of life in the fast lane. I would love to hear if any of you have any special traditions that mean more to you than stuff so please feel free to leave a comment. That's all folks have a great thursday.


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