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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do you have faith?

I am not an overly devout christian. As a matter of fact I am not overly anything, but I have been trying to be a very good person. I never really thought about God before I had children. I was almost an atheist. I have however changed my mind. When my first child was born I had a sense of being totally grounded. The first time in my life there was more than just my whims or ideas of a good time. I had this most precious thing that had ever been given to me and he was a gift from God. I knew that I wasn't a truly good person but I tried to be a good mother. We wanted more kids so my second came 14 months later and I worried while pregnant with him that I could never love another as much as number one. How would I ever pull it off. I mean can you really love two children equally? Bologna! I thought this is insane. You can. I have even found that you will love your third just as much. I can look at any one of my children and see the wonder of the world. They absorb information like a homemade cookie absorbs milk. I see trust in their smiles and hear love in their laughter. I know that God is looking down on me and urging me not to miss a minute. We recently started attending church and reading the bible. I just want to understand the scriptures. I want to be able to make sense of what's in there. I want to be able to answer my children's questions and feel correct when I tell them what the bible says. I want to have more faith in the people all around me and I want them to have faith in me. I want to do the right thing even when it's hard. I want my kid's to see what really matters. Not cars and clothes and bling but God, family,and friends. It's hard to be a good person. I know. I cuss and to be honest some people really irritate me. I try to watch my tongue but I seem to have moments when my foot doesn't quite make it to my mouth in time and I blurt things out instead of chilling and not worrying what others are doing, saying, or thinking. So I really want you all to stop and say if that Angie girl (yes I know I'm 30) has faith how can I not.


At October 31, 2008 at 6:44 AM , Blogger Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...


I am so thankful you are getting into the Scriptures. Starting now with your kids is so crucial. None of us are good people all the time. Please let me know if I can help! I enjoyed your 7 things as well.


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