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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The top ten things I hate about the flu...

Well as you know we've had a bit of sickness going on two weeks. I am tired and cranky but on the plus side my joints aren't hurting today and so far no headache. So here is my list of the top ten that I hate about my kids being sick and of course whiny ol me being sick.
  1. The worst is my poor little babies running a fever. I hate not knowing if it's too high and should I give the Motrin or not?
  2. VOMIT! PUKE! UPCHUCK! What ever you want to call it, it's still an awful mess to clean up and makes kids feel horrible.
  3. Snot. I mean is there a grosser word? As soon as you hear it you think yuck, not to worry about having three sick kids with super snotty noses all clinging to you in their time of need. All you can do is forget about being clean don't bother changing shirts because here comes the baby and her nose is streaming.(sorry a flashback)
  4. O.K. here's another gross word PHLEGM. Like it's not bad enough coming from their poor red little noses they have to cough something up too.
  5. Which leads to coughing. Not so much during the waking hours only when the body needs rest. So don't worry about having that coffee in the late evening hours you'll be up anyway.
  6. Rashes, maybe all over the body or just on the face. You are already sleep deprived and now you can worry about whether or not they are getting the measles, or chicken pocks, or the splotches, or some other crazy thing that you don't know about yet.
  7. Sore throat. Which the kids never seem to get only the mother. Now how am I going to yell across the yard and tell the boys to get off that deer target before someone falls on their brother and breaks an arm.
  8. Achy joints, this just slows you down when you have a baby on your hip and your trying to catch a boy who is sick and running around the outside of the house in his underwear.
  9. Nasty medicine. It all has to taste yucky so you either have to bribe your child.(never hardly works because I don't usually do it so my kids aren't worried about getting something) Or you can wrestle them down, wrap your legs around their legs, one arm around their arms, and use the baby syringe to try and squirt it in their mouth.(usually backfires with yucky cough syrup dripping off of everything and a crying child) Lately I've just been reasoning with them and yes sometimes they have to sit in the time out chair until meds are taken. (really works when both boys are home or neighbor is here no one wants to miss playtime)
  10. A filthy dirty germ filled house. I am not a clean person by nature. It bothers me more when I've been sick and miss a day of the tiny bit of cleaning that I do. Talk about a mess, when the mommy is down and the kids run amuck and the daddy is at work all messiness breaks out. You wake up the next morning feeling tired and wore down and ready to snap because it looks like a dump truck has backed up and dumped a load of trash in the living room floor, and apparently the kitchen fairies are all passed out somewhere because there is double the amount of dishes. All you can do is snap a bit and if you're lucky your hubby will help clean.(mine actually cleaned while I went to the store)

I know you all want to hear all about sickness, so now you have. I pray that no one else has to put up with any virus, bug, flu, or cold at least until after Christmas. Have a great day.


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