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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another month withour dryer sheets...

Well as you know I have chosen not to buy anymore dryer sheets. I almost did on numerous occasions but after standing there in the middle of the grocery store isle I was overcome with guilt. I have guilt issues you see, over everything. (my husband thinks I should see a shrink but come on in today's society people don't feel enough guilt) So anyway I thought to myself (most likely out loud) why spend 4 dollars on dryer sheets that are filled with chemicals and one more thing that's going to ruin the environment? I mean come on that's a gallon of milk for Pete's sake! Then I counter that guilt with the fact that if I buy a name brand dryer sheet I can cut them in half and they would last longer, but the whole environment thing is still there lurking in the background. It's talking to me asking me if a dryer sheet is really needed. Is it a need or a want? I thought you were going green, buying less, living more? I heard all this in my head running around and bumping into my skull. I walked away. I got home and decided to come up with a better idea for the dryer. The soap idea was making a mess with soap dust. I haven't tried cheaper soap yet, which I will when it goes on sale. I have a couple of tennis balls that I use and I have added a rock that is oval shaped and smooth which I put in the sock that previously contained the soap. I then double socked it so it wouldn't chip the inside of my dryer and GOOD NIGHT IRENE! I have a winner. I also try to hang out as much a possible and with fall coming it gets things dry pretty quick out there so I should be in business. I just pray that whoever reads this can make sense of my whole guilt talk. As my brother says you shouldn't worry when you hear me talking to myself, only worry if I start answering myself. Have a great day.


At October 15, 2008 at 10:17 AM , Blogger ~ April ~ said...

You can also use a little bit of vinegar in your rinse cycle and that acts as a fabric softener as well. :)

At November 1, 2008 at 12:21 AM , Blogger Angela said...

I can explain you guilt issue. LOL
You need to feel guilt some times, Some times it is healthy and soemtimes not. If you ahve guilt about soemthing that you neeed to chage like, spending time with your kids, or nagging your husband, than that is good. It can help you wantto change. If you are feeling uilty that you bought cookies to send to your son'e class instead of baking them because you were to stressed out, that;'s not healthy. It's no good and not constructive at all. So if the dryer sheet was eating at you and you feel good how you changed it, you used you guilt well. And you made the change and didn't sit there continuing to feel guilty. In my case maybe I should fee guilty about my dryer sheets and my footprint on the environment but I'm too busy feeling guilty about not tucking in my kids every night, not sending my husband's birthday card on time to Iraq and drinking 4 Diet Cokes today and stealing my kids' Halloween candy. Oh yeah, I've got enough guilt! LOL
Did I explain it? That's a wbout what a shrink would tell you. Trust me, I've been to 'em!


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