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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Have a happy period. My foot.

So I keep seeing these Always pad commercials that are ending with "Have a happy period". As if that's not bad enough it is also written on their little paper that holds the wings together. What kind of person came up with that slogan? I mean seriously. I have had a period for over 16 years, except for when I was pregnant or breastfeeding. I have had my period on my birthday,(like I will this year) I have had my period on my anniversary, vacations, camping trips, my kids special days, and even on days that were beautiful and full of life. However I have never had a happy period. For one thing you have to wear some form of protection, for me that means pads so I have to wear underwear to bed which I hate. I bloat and my belly hates having anything on it during that time of the month which includes my stretchy pants and my granny panties. I have horrible cramps, and stay irritated the first couple of days. I lose my appetite and live off of water, ibuprofen, cereal, and usually chocolate. I was laying in bed last night around midnight when this slogan popped into my head and I just got so irritated that it makes me want to quit buying their product. Do they really need a slogan to sell sanitary napkins? I mean come on everyone is using them. So I guess I'm over my whole hormonal rage thing, but I'm telling you whoever came up with that one has probably never had a period a day in his life.


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