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Friday, March 6, 2009

Bamboo flooring!

This is my dear hubby putting down our new flooring, actually this is about two weeks old but you all know how it is with kids.(sick kids) He worked hard and that hard work has definetly paid off with a beautiful floor. we live in a modular home which is prefabbed and then joined together in the center of the house, the floor was raised where it was put together and it was like a hump. That means that you can't lay wood floor over it without issues, or it busting, leaving cracks where it should lock together ect. He had to take up the floor boards and use a chisel to level out the floor joists, then he had to replace floor boards and lay the flooring. The results are wonderful. I gotta tell ya I've spent more time cleaning the new floor that I've spent cleaning the whole house probably within the past six months. Also you have to use a special tool to nail the the special nails in it is called a pneumatic stapler. My husband was going to rent one which would have cost $130.00 for a week. I checked prices at home depot and lowe's and a new one would cost around $560.00(way out of our budget even though we still have three bedrooms and a hall to do) So he went by the Harbour Freight store on his way home and found and bought one for $139.00. That's right folks we have our very own pneumatic stapler for nine bucks over the rental price. Just because he chose to take a chance on a different company, so I recommend that you check with other stores like Harbour Freight or Norther tools if you ever need a special tool.


At March 8, 2009 at 3:28 PM , Blogger ~ April ~ said...

*drool* at those floors. I've always wanted hardwood floors. Those are just gorgeous!!

And WTG on the stapler deal!


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