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Thursday, February 26, 2009

How I loath the Flu Virus!

I have been home for the past week with a sick boy.(who I will refer to as the mechanic) The mechanic(because he must know how things work) ran a high fever from Friday to Tuesday. The doctor put him on an antibiotic because he wanted to prevent pneumonia. Yesterday he was starting to get back to his own old whiny full or salt and vinegar self. It was also the first day he played since being sick, however my little tank(whom I need to rename) has a horrible cough.(like a 50 year old smoker)Also the negotiator(because he thinks he can get whatever he wants by hashing it out) whom I thought was over all the junk, now has the most horrible cough and temperament, which means he is sick as a dawg! I have had no sleep, and my meals are on the fly. No one here is interested in eating, they only want to be held, the tank wants to nurse all day, which literally sucks because she was starting to wean herself. My poor hubby is wondering what happened to dinner and because of the lack of sleep I just don't really care! Please pray for my kids and don't forget to wash your hands. Oh, and your kids hands!


At February 27, 2009 at 6:54 AM , Blogger ~ April ~ said...

Oh no! So sorry to read you guys are battling the sickies again! Sending lots of healing vibes!


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