This blog will be written by a stay at home mom/student. I am trying to enjoy every minute of life I get and raise my children to be happy with what we have been given. Anything written here will be by me, for my well being and piece of mind. I want to open other peoples eyes, and let them see that we can make it on less.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Good morning Monday!!!

I believe everyone here is on the mend except my hubby. 5 year old has had no more break outs but I'm still giving him the singular 1 time per day so a couple more days of that and hopefully I won't be such a paranoid acorn. My husband took down the boys bed yesterday after too many accidents. It went to live at mamaws where it can look beautiful and hopefully be used without anyone pulling the mattress off of it to make a fort or a brother sandwich. I was ready to snap yesterday at all the destruction so I was giving demands left and right and trying to will myself to not feel guilt because I want my kids to take care of our things. I stayed up till eleven thirty doing the dishes so I could wake up this morning with a sense of accomplishment. I feel better about everything when things are a little more orderly when I get up. I also made the oldest two a new chore chart for the week because we sort of got away from it since the holidays. We've done a whole lot of whining, eating, and t.v. watching with everyone being sick and under the weather. All that's got me is less rest. Tonight I plan on having waffles, sausage, and eggs runny noses(yellows runny) My five year old calls them that and it sort of stuck. We also call pumpkins punkits. Anyway have a great Monday!!


At January 12, 2009 at 2:51 PM , Blogger Sherry said...

Hope y'all stay on the mend! Ugh, it is no fun when everyone is sick!!


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