This blog will be written by a stay at home mom/student. I am trying to enjoy every minute of life I get and raise my children to be happy with what we have been given. Anything written here will be by me, for my well being and piece of mind. I want to open other peoples eyes, and let them see that we can make it on less.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A real good read.

I checked out The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. My six year old loved it. It was a very good book. I loved it as much as he did. Anyway, the mechanic got a mohawk and it's the cutest thing. When I told him that Aunt Turkeyhead would be over to give haircuts that was all the could talk about for two days. So my hubby said why not. I thought about it and figured it could always be cut later. Well when it was done I realized that it suits him. He looks cute with it and not really redneck at all. Go Aunt Turkeyhead!!!!!!!


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