This blog will be written by a stay at home mom/student. I am trying to enjoy every minute of life I get and raise my children to be happy with what we have been given. Anything written here will be by me, for my well being and piece of mind. I want to open other peoples eyes, and let them see that we can make it on less.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The best summer ever!

Anyone who reads this, (and I think that is mostly family) knows that I have three great kids! You also know that we live on a very tight budget. Due to that budget and our goal to stay debt free other than our house note, we have decided not to take a family vacation.... Let me tell you it really blows. I love this little place called Holden Beach in North Carolina. I wish I owned a home there or at least had a relative that did.(hint Uncle Charlie, Mamaw, anybody that would claim us for a week) It isn't anything fancy or extravagant, but to me it's pure heaven. It's a week without t.v., internet, phone calls. It's stress free family time. No one has to be anywhere at anytime. We get up every morning and have a great breakfast after which everyone helps clean up. Then we move out to apply sunblock on the deck and watch the ocean. We lay in the sand and watch the pelicans flop into the water. We play with our kids until lunch time. Then we repeat the beach phase. Followed by dinner, which again goes so smoothly because there is just so much help! Then we either take a walk on the beach or sit on the deck and talk. The grand thing is that my husband is hands on all week. He becomes my fantasy husband. Ofcourse with no stress or work or coming home to a dirty house with screaming kids it is a lot easier to be a relaxed helpful person. The kids are all in a good mood with no meltdowns because they are getting their parents full attention! So this whole lack of a vacation has really got me down. However I have been taking the kids to swim lessons.(thanks Mamaw) I also have them signed up for a couple other things and we have been going to the creek with family and friends. So my question is how do you do the staycation? Any helpful tips or ideas are needed, any free or cheap ideas are appreciated, you got any?


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